Home with friends

15895755_1385067438178630_2558432840936816608_oAs my first blog post, I feel like I should talk about seeing an old friend who has been living in Australia for five years (!) We were graced with his and his partners presence over Christmas, before they moved on to Colorado.

For me, having dinner with friends, having a coffee with friends, even just sat round having a chat, is perhaps the most rewarding thing someone can do. Any problems you feel you have can be aired, old stories can be rehashed (usually with some hilarity) and plans can be made to do things in the future.

The run up to Christmas has been an uncertain time for many people, myself included. With that in mind, I feel this is the right kind of thing to post first.

A piece written by Simon Brew (denofgeek.com), which I was pointed towards by Mark Kermode on BBC Radio, listed out some things that people should do in the wake of the divisions certain events caused in the latter part of 2016. The first was:

‘Spread a good news story. If you have a Twitter feed, Tweet it. Or pop one on your Facebook feed.’ My interpretation of this is to start a WordPress blog.’

But for me, the second idea was just as good:

‘Ring a friend you’ve not spoken to for a while. Just check in with them. See if they are okay.’

Read more: http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/other/geeks-vs-loneliness/45210/geeks-vs-loneliness-everything-will-be-okay-in-the-end#ixzz4VdNal9bU